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Our job

Adopt a Conciergerie accompanies you on a daily basis with as aprimary ambition to allow you to take full advantage of your personal time by satisfying all your daily desires and expectations. We respond to all your requests, from the simplest to the most complex, from the most ordinary to the most extravagant, from the most common to the most unusual. 

Thanks to our personalized service, we will get to know you perfectly and will thus be able to anticipate all your needs, whether to facilitate day-to-day administrative procedures, a property purchase, organize all the logistical contingencies if necessary and allow you to spend moments of total tranquility for a daily life that is unlike anyone else but you.


We select the best service providers and offer the best offers dedicated exclusively to our members with different PACKS.


For example, the LIFESTYLE PACK allows 24/7 service to make your daily life easier..


Adopt a Conciergerie guarantees you absolute confidence and total transparency.

Let's work together

Contact us so we can work together.

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